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Lost and Found

Numerous animals are lost or found in Northern Ireland each year. If you have lost your animal or found a stray, please e-mail us with details and a photo and we will add to our website. 


Please keep your cats in and keep them safe. 
7th Heaven has been concerned that there is a lot of abuse and cats going missing or being killed around Northern Ireland. Hopefully the police will find out the source of this. Read this link in the Belfast Telegraph for the latest update of cats going missing around Northern Ireland

Police called in after more than 70 cats go missing around Newry

 Update 30/10/17

7th Heaven would strongly urge everyone to keep their cat in at this time. We are already avocates to keep cats indoor due to the ongoing dangers animals face throughout Northern Ireland.


A safe cat does not have a sad owner!


Message from Pet Connection

30/10/17: A further 10 Missing Cats have been added today bringing the total to 230 cats reported missing to Pet Connection. 189 of these beloved pets have gone missing in 2017.

If your cat is missing, please fill in their information at Pet Connection, so they can add them to the map.

Please note: The map preview has not updated to show all the missing cats. Please click through to the map to see the extent of the problem.

29/7/23 female kitten, approx 4 months found wondering alone, hungry, in dangerous Coach Road, Newtownabbey. 16/8 - no one has claimed her- she is now available for rehoming

6/6/23 Minnie has been missing from Margretta park Lurgan. If you know where she is, please contact us


Sadly Benson was stolen 10 long months ago on 17th Dec 2020, a week before Christmas in Buckinghamshire. The callous thieves stole him out of the owner’s car which had been parked in the disable bay in front of Tesco shop. Now I know you probably think, why are we advertising this when we are based in Northern Ireland. With the current trafficking situation, he could be anywhere if stolen

21/9/21 Owner now found! Dog found This wee gentle Jack Russell dog was found in the Dunmurry Lane area. He's not registered. Does anyone know who the owner is? If you do please contact us & we will pass your details on to the person who found him

July 20 This wee cat has been hanging around a lady’s home near Breda Road, Belfast for quite some time. The lady has been feeding the cat, but it seems to be very hungry. The person was concerned that it appeared to lose a lot of weight when they had to go away for a week or so. Do you own this cat or know who owns it. If so can you phone Avya on 07535187266. ? It’s important to find out if it is owned

Wiggles has been missing from Hill Street, Lisburn from 9 June 20. Please, if anyone knows of his whereabouts can you please contact Colleen on 07857272814

Scampi has been missing from 12 June 20. He was last seen in Rathcoole close to the Valley Leisure Centre. If you have seen him or know of his whereabouts can you please contact John on 07745367259. The family are very distressed and would like him home. Thank you

This wee cat has gone missing from Temple/Ballynahinch area on the 4/5/20. The family have looked everywhere & advertised everywhere, but she just seems to have disappeared. Please if you see her or know where she is please contact Carol on 07754400308

Ben is missing from 4th April from Lurgan, He disappeared 3 weeks after they moved house in March. He loved to travel and definitely was a bit of a roamer but this time he went and never came back . The owner went back to their old house numerous times but he never appeared. He is quite a friendly boy when he gets to know you and he may have travelled and has been adopted elsewhere Please contact the owner if you know where he is 07713023027

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