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COVID 19 update 28/6/20 -  

We have now received confirmation the Animal Health & Welfare Policy Dept that we can restart our Charity's rescuing and rehoming activities provided other Government guidelines are considered. This is excellent news for us as it is important that we rehome the animals in our care. If you would be interested in offering any a home, they can all be viewed here. We still need you to think before you offer any a home though. If you are still in lock down, how will you look after them and what would you do if they became ill? How will you support them if finances are uncertain? If you are due to return to work, how will you support them during this change? Animals can have separation anxiety problems especially after being together so closely with the owner.


At the moment we are full to take any more in until we can get some some homed, however until then we can also offer support through our 'Made in Heaven' Matchmaking Service, where we can help rehome free home to home, without the stress of the animal going into kennels. More details of this scheme can be found here.


Blaze is a friendly female cat only a few years old. She came into us at the end of last year as she kept being sick and her owner could not cope. After lots of checks our vet found that she had an ulcer. She is now back to good health with her only requirement that she needs to always eat soft food. She is now looking for some one who will love her and take care of her.


Pearl came in with other cats rescued from a multi household. Unfortunately due to the amount of cats, she had not been socialized well. Whilst she is coming around to be stroked sadly despite our best efforts she will still not use a litter tray, although we have managed to get her to go on paper.

Storm and Smokie

These 2 wee males came in from a multiple household. They are still a bit nervous so are looking for an indoor home where they can settle in and get used to everyone. If anyone would be interested in offering them a home please e-mail us to Thanks

Mitzy & Millie

These 2 older female cats had had a bad start in life. They had been found dumped in a skip when they were kittens. They found a home together and lived quietly for many years until their owner's circumstances changed and they ended up living in the garage. Now in with us they are still a bit spooked out with the change and have spent the last week either together in a pyramid bed or snuggled wrapped up in a blanket. 

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Tigger came in when his elderly owner became ill and feared that they might not be able to look after him. He is a very sweet and vocal 10 year old neutered male cat who is lively, curious and loves the heat and comforts.


One more of the multiple household rescue cats needing a home. This male young black cat, Inky  is looking a good home. He is friendly and bumps you when he gets to know you. If you would be interested in offering him a home please e-mail us to


This wee young male came in with the others from a multiple household. He is a real attention seeker. Although a wee bit nervous at first he's keen to get strokes and loves attention. If you are interested in offering him a home please e-mail us to


Jack is a beautiful black male cat. He loves his food and is very greedy.He came from a multi-cat home, but would love some one-on-one attention! He came in with Jet and they are best buddies.

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If you are interested in giving any of our rescued animals a home, you can contact us by e-mail to or phone us on 02894432229. (Please leave a message on our answer machine and we will get back to you, usually in the evening). You need to make arrangements to view them as not all animals are on site, but may be at different locations. All our animals are free to a good home. We cover the cost of their neutering & preventative treatments.


We are based in Northern Ireland and only rehome our animals here as we carry out home checks & provide ongoing support as required. If you have homed a dog directly from 7th Heaven or via our Matchmaking Service and it still has training needs, we are offering to pay for free training sessions (depending on current restrictions)





These dogs, advertised as part of our Matchmaking Service, are still with their owners. We do not take any responsibility for these animals and are advertising them on the owner's behalf to find them a home.


We will offer advice and support where we can. Any animals advertised in this way must also be free of charge, in line with our Charity policy


7th Heaven are advertising these animals based on the information given to us by their owner. We do not take any responsibility if this information is incorrect. To see more information on this service, please see our Match Making page.

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Jack Russell Cross


6 years old



Scrappy is a neutered male 6 year old Jack Russell cross. He is such a lovable boy, he loves cuddles and long walks. He'd do anything for a treat. His special talent is if you throw food for him he will not let it hit the floor! He would be best suited with someone who is home more often than not as he gets anxious when he's left home alone. Sadly Scrappy is not suitable with children, cats or other dogs. His front legs turn outwards so will be prone to arthritis when he’s older.



​We would ask you all to think about your pets. Who will look after them if you take ill or when you are gone? Are you sure your family will care for them?


In the past we used to get approx 5 calls/e-mails a day from relatives who want rid of an animals after the owner has passed away. We have taken so many in over the years, particularly older ones, but there are also so many we can't always help.


Now with the Covid-19 crisis, charities currently have had to suspend rehoming. Ultimately this means they are full and have no space to take any more in. Some guidelines from the Association of Dogs & Cats Homes recommend only taking in animals in imminent risk, those requiring temporary care should be referred to boarding kennels, and to consider the charity's euthanasia policy. Whilst we can assure you that 7th Heaven will not change it's No Kill policy, we cannot guarantee that others won't, especially if there is any worsening of animals needing taken in.

It is unfair for the relative to want to relieve their responsibility of the animal and put pressure on others expecting them to take them in immediately. If they do not want them, they will go to such extremes as to abandon them or get them put down rather than think of them as their Mother's, Father's,Granny's, Granda's beloved pet, who clearly they adored. Most will not uphold their last wish, to take good care of their pet who had given them such love and devotion during their life and who had given them comfort at the end. We are even starting to get contacted by those wanting to give them up even if the person is only temporary ill. How do you think the person will feel when they return home from hospital to an empty home to find their beloved furry has been rehomed (or worse).


All we ask is that you think of the future of your pets and make sure that someone will care for them if you are ill or after you are gone - don't just expect that your any or all of your family will step up and do this.

Things to think about when looking for a cat or kitten:


  • Do you have the patience to cope with any problem that may arise during the settling in period?

  • Are you prepared to possibly have your furniture scratched, as some cats will do this?

  • Are you prepared to spend time with your cat / kitten as they enjoy human interaction? 

  • If you live in rented accomodation, does your landlord permit animals?

  • Initially, have you somewhere secure in your home to keep them, especially kittens, as they can be hyperactive and can cause unitentional damage to ornaments etc?

  • Can you afford vet bills if they become unwell?

  • Cats, particularly young kittens can scratch you when playing which can be painful. Are you prepared for this?

  • Are you going to keep them indoors, or let them outside?  If letting them outside, there are many risks that could affect your cat eg traffic, other animals that are territorial, other animals that may be carriers of infectious diseases and grassy areas which may have been treated with pesticides

  • Can you look after them during the Covid 19 crisis - can you get them food, can you keep them stimulated, what happens if they take ill, can you financially care for all their needs, what happens when restrictions are lifted, do you still keep them in?

Things you should consider before rehoming a dog:


  • Are you fit enough and have enough spare time to walk the dog regularly?

  • Will there be someone there for a lot of the day? Dogs like company and can suffer from separation anxiety.

  • Dogs like to be part of the family, so are you prepared to keep it with with you for a lot of the time?

  • When you do let your dog out, do you have a secure or fenced area where it is safe for them and from where they cannot escape?

  • Do you have understanding neighbours in case they bark?

  • Do you have the patience and time to cope with any problem that may arise during the settling in period?

  • Do you have a 15 - 20 year committment as this be the lifespan of some dogs.

  • Are you able to afford vets bills if they become unwell?

  • If you live in rented accomodation, does your landlord permit animals?

  • Can you look after them during the Covid 19 crisis - can you get them food, can you exercise them, what happens if they take ill, can you financially care for all their needs, what happens when restrictions are lifted?



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