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7th Heaven have designated the 24th December as Daisy Day – a time to remember all the animals killed and injured in war. We have chosen the daisy as it symbolises innocence and, like the animal victims of war, they are numerous and always overlooked. We want everyone to say a prayer or spare a thought for the innocent animal victims of human war at this traditional time of peace.


Tens of millions of animals have died during times of warfare. In fact, it is estimated that 16 million animals were used by the military in world war 1 alone. Animals that have been forced into the service of man at these times include  the horses and camels used by the cavalry, mules and donkeys used for carrying equipment, pigeons used for carrying messages, dogs, cats monkeys and even bears used as mascots.

In modern times we have dogs being used to detect landmines and dolphins used to plant explosive devices on enemy ships. There are also the numerous animals killed during the testing of conventional, biological and chemical weapons. But there are the others who perish in times of armed conflict – the pets who live in the towns, cities and villages, the farm animals and the multifarious species of wildlife who are killed when bombs are dropped and landmines explode. Daisy Day is a day to remember them all.


On the 24th of December, and on the days leading up to it, If everyone could post the symbol of the daisy logo at the top of the page on social media and encourage others to do so, maybe, we could create a better awareness of their plight. If everyone on this day could think of those animals taken from us by man’s conflicts, we could create a ‘daisy-chain’ of compassion, our thoughts the links of love joining us all together, across borders, race and religion. Maybe we could create a world were man no longer solves disputes by force or resolves differences by weapons. Maybe then the animals will stop suffering and dying at our hands. 


Mankind barely spares a thought for the people killed in war but maybe we could spare a thought for the animals, for the one thing that unites all civilised societies is their affection for animals.  As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” They give us love, loyalty and joy but the most important quality they instil in us is a sense of empathy.  A world without empathy will always be at war; where a world imbued with empathy will be one of love, compassion, tolerance and understanding. If we wish to move away from the former and strive to create the latter, to move away from the darkness and seek out the light, then we need to show our compassion, for the innocent souls that have been lost to us.  This Daisy Day, please spare them a thought.





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Daisy Day - 24th December 

A time to remember them

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