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Pet sitting alternatives 

We are a small charity and we have only the facilities to take in rescue animals that will be rehomed. We do not provide fostering or kennel facilities. We also recognise that not all animals do well in kennel environments.

So some options that you could consider if you have an emergency or want to go on holiday are:

Family and friends - can they help? It's particularly good if the animal knows and trusts them

Pet sitting - where the animal is looked after in the owner's home. 

Pet hosting - where the animal is cared for in the pet sitter's home.

Benefits to the animal and you includes: 

  • less stress as there is no change to the environment or routine

  • a feeling of safety from being surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds

  • the animal continuing to receive ongoing human attention 

  • maintaining medical treatment, if required

  • eliminating the trauma of travel or an unfamiliar environment

  • ensuring good health (no exposure to other animals' illnesses or parasites

  • having someone responsible for looking after your pet

Kennel or Cattery - where you board your animal in a registered establishment

Benefits include:

  • the boarding will be regulated, with experience staff, monitoring your animal regularly

  • it should provide a professional, supervised environment with opportunities to exercise

  • it can monitor food and medication

  • the animal will have it's own space & there can be opportunities for them to socialise with other pets

Information to give to your dog’s temporary carer

  • Your vet's details

  • Knowledge of any pre-existing medical conditions

  • An emergency contact

  • Any medication that your animal is on, instructions and dosage

  • Your animal's usual feeding routine and type of food it is used to 

  • Any behaviour issues that they will need to be aware of

  • Your dog’s microchip information in case they get lost

  • What time you usually walk your dog and how much exercise they need per day

  • If staying in your own home or someone else’s, the rules for the household, such as if your dog is allowed up on the furniture etc

  • Whether you are happy for them to let your dog off lead and if so, when you are comfortable with them doing this

Below is a list of people who offer these services. We are not aware of most of these contacts, so would advise that you carry out your own checks to make sure you are satisfied eg check if they are registered, if they have reviews /recommendation on media sites, visit / meet in advance of any booking, are they insured/registered.

Most importantly don't leave it to the last minute to book- most get booked up quickly!


Rover is a Pet sitting app (similar to air bnb but for pet sitting). Each sitter is ID checked and people can review their experiences with that sitter. You can search for Boarding, pet sitting, drop in visits, doggy day care, dog walking services

Dibbles Cat Sitting 

Dibbles Cat Sitting is a pet service in the Newtownabbey area caring for cats and small animals in their own home.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality in home care as an alternative to a boarding cattery which allows your cats to remain in their own environment and maintain their daily routine. We know the owner & would recommend them - see their Facebook page 

6 Kings Walk, Newtownabbey

School Yard Boarding

Runs a 5* home from home where the dogs stay in my home. Will around the clock care. Food walks and treats are included in the price

Danielle -Orrs Lane, Lisburn, United Kingdom

07889 237331

Details on Facebook

The Stables Cattery

The Stables Cattery is a 5* family run boarding facility for cats. They are fully licensed and approved. We personally know the owner and can highly recommend them

Vicky 19 British Road , Crumlin, United Kingdom, BT29 4DH


07795 068925

Miki's Doggy hotel

Supporting pet parents throughout the County Antrim and Down since 2017



Clare's Creature Comforts Home Boarding

If you are looking for a 5* home from home boarding for your rabbits or guinea pigs, we would highly recommend Clare.  
She had also been involved in animal rescue in the past and has a lot of experience and compassion. Why not take a look at her Facebook story & updates

Lisburn  07368 971099


Eden Paws

Provides dogcare in own home and is fully insured with protectivity. Only looks after one family dog at a time so that all dogs get the attention they deserve.


Angela - Whitehead area


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