How you can help

                          7th Heaven's Pet Food Bank & Project Wildcat Crowdfunder appeal

We have set up this appeal to raise extra funds for us to provide pet food to pet owners and people caring for feral / community cats affected during this Covid-19 crisis as some people have contacted us to ask how they can help. Please donate if you can help.


Support for the Pet Food Bank is gradually coming through, however very few are interested in helping people who feed the feral or community cats. They deserve help too and have been used to being feed over the years, so to stop now would be dangerous for them and distressing for their 'guardians'.

We know that there are lot of people out there struggling to feed themselves, let alone donate necessary funds to help animals. We don't want you to donate if you are, but we do want you to contact us to see if we can support you.


Thank you for all your support, keep safe and care for all your furry loved ones during this time

Would you like to help us?
All details of our events are on our events page if you would like to help out at these.

We also raise awareness of animals through World Animal Day on 4 October each year and especially close to our heart, to promote the poor feral cats in the run up to National Feral Day on 16 October. We introduced Feral Cat Month in 2014 and during this time we donated most of the cat food given to us to helping feed Feral / Community Cats. We are looking for help to promote this event every year, perhaps you could even organise an event to help raise awareness, collect food or let us know of cats that could benefit from this.

So if you can spare a few hours to help us, we would be grateful - please e-mail us to Thank you from all the furries!   


 Daisy Day- 24 December - we are asking everyone to spare a few moments on this day each year to remember all the innocent animals killed in war.  

You can help animals by:


  • Taking responsibility for your own animal. If you are thinking of putting your animal up for rehoming - please think again. Animals will nearly always be better off in the home enviroment they are used to, rather in a Pound or Sanctuary.  


  • Keeping your pet in, keep it safe, as many animals go missing or get killed on the roads.


  • Not ignoring a stray animal if it turns up on your door - it's probably starving and in need of help. It's picked you for a reason - will you help it? Will you give it food? Can you give it shelter? And will you contact anyone to see if it is lost (eg council, vets, charities)?


  • Offering an animal a loving home.


  • Caring and treating your own pet, or indeed any animal, with love and respect. And please encourage others to do so too.


  • For us, these suggestions are the most important things you can do to help animals!

There are various ways to help 7th Heaven:


 We are currently looking for the following help:


- October is a very special month for 7th Heaven. This is the month that we raise awareness of animals. 4 October is World Animal Day. This global event is dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of animals throughout the world. 16 October is National Feral Cat Day. This international event highlights the plight of these poor, unfortunate, unwanted, and for many, unloved animals. 7th Heaven last year introduced 'Feral Cat Month' for the whole of October. We collect and donate a lot of pet food and provide shelters to feral or community cats during this period. We try to raise awareness through various events during this time too. Would you like to be part of this? Would you like to organise an event yourself to help us promote any of these? This is not about raising funds, but helping raise awareness of all the animals out there who need our help & support.


- Safe permanent homes for feral or semi - feral cats and providing food - see Project WildCat 


- Help with trapping and neutering of feral cats - see Project WildCat 


If you are interested in helping, please contact us at THANK YOU!

Other ways you can help us:


  • Volunteer to help out on collection days and fundraising events. 


  • Organise fundraising events on our behalf.


  • Become a Member or 'Special Friend' (see below).


  • Donate pet food either for the Charity's own rescued animals or for our Pet Food Bank & Project Wildcat schemes- Pet Food Bank Donation points are currently at Sainsbury's Carrickfergus and Forestside and Jollyes, Glengormley 


  • Sponsor a Long Term Resident or Enclosure - (see below) - this costs £50 a year and helps towards their food, treatments and ongoing care and support

  • Feed a Feral - this costs £10 and we will provide dry and wet food to the value of £10 to help a feral or community cat.


  • Sponsor a shelter (usually a Snug Kennel) for a feral or community cat £40 or donate a kennel


  • Sending us broken gold jewelry, DVDs, computer games or used stamps for resale or unused stamps to keep the costs down of mailing our newsletters.Or you can sell these through our E-Bay site & donate a percentage of the sale to 7th Heaven's animals


  • We are always grateful for duvets, blankets, sheets, pillows and cushions as all the animals we rescue love their comforts!


  • Purchase items that our charity needs from Amazon's Wish list 

Sell or buy items through our E-Bay charity page                                                                              


We have an E-Bay Charity page where we can auction donated items to raise much needed funds. Or you may want to sell items on-line yourself and donate some or all of the proceeds to our charity.To visit our eBay charity site click on the eBay Icon .




Sponsor an Enclosure 

By sponsoring an enclosure, you will be helping to provide each animal staying there with bedding, toys, treats and heating. We will provide the love and care that they need.


Poppy's story

My name is Poppy. I was pregnant & paralysed from being shot. 7th Heaven took me in, paid for the operation to remove the bullet and provide a nice, warm, safe enclosure where I could rear my beautiful babies, Peanut & Truffles. I have since successfully been rehomed. Now other animals with similarly sad stories will be staying in this enclosure. By being a sponsor, you will be helping them, until they too find a loving home 









Sponsor a Long Term Resident

Whilst we would love to be able to rehome all the animals we rescue, realistically there may be some that may need to remain with us, for whatever reason, long term or for the rest of their days. We will provide them with all their home comforts, lots of love and any treatments they may require throughout. 

If you are interested in sponsoring an enclosure or Long Term Resident, it costs £50 a year. Please e-mail us to:  or complete the Become a Friend below and send it to us


Lucky is a beautiful older female cat. Her owner passed away and she was left with her friend. However she lived in a fold and they did not allow pets. She has been here long term and made friends in with the oldies. When we did find a home for her, she became very stressed and ill at being removed from her friends and so is likely to remain with them


Angel is older cat who is very afraid around people. She prefers the company of Astra and Smokey. As she is so timid no one wanted her. So she is now settled in our long term 'oldie' home and is happy to be herself

Become a 'Friend' of 7th Heaven

You can help support 7th Heaven by becoming a 'Friend'. You will receive a free gift and subscription to our Newsletter. If you care about animals and wish to become involved in our endeavours to help many more of our animals and support our fundraising ventures, please contact us using the form below. Please print the form off below and sent to us.


The costs are:

◊ Annual Membership: Adult £10, Family £15, Young friend (under 16) or Senior Citizen £5

◊ Sponsoring an Enclosure or Long Term Resident £50

◊ Feed a Feral £10

◊ A shelter for a feral / community cat  £40

◊ Become a special Friend by donating a regular amount through you bank or building society (fill out mandate below please)

Friends of 7th Heaven - print off please and send to us at address above


Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms/other)........  Name.................................Address...........................................................................Postcode.............................





Please circle below how you want to help:

Membership: Adult £10; Family £15; Young Friend £5, Senior Citizen £5; 

Sponsorship: Enclosure or Long term resident £50 or a shelter for feral / community cat £40 / Feed a Feral £10

Special Friend (see Mandate below)


Standing Order Mandate


Instructions to Bank/Building Society


I (name of account holder)..............


authorise the manager at (name & address of bank/building society)






to debit my account:


Account no...............................


Sort Code................................


Amount £..................................


On (date)..................................


Of each month (commencing)..................until further notice.


7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust


Santander Commercial Bank, Girobank PLC, Bootle


Merseyside, GIR OAA


Sort Code 09-01-54


Account 46643483


Signed(account holder)................



Gift Aid It!


Signing up for gift aid means that for every pound you give, 7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust will receive an extra 25 pence from HM Revenue & Customs, at no extra cost to you.




I would like 7th Heaven to treat  all donations I have made from 27 March 2003 and all donations I have made from the date of this declaration, until I notify them otherwise, as a Gift Aid donation.


To qualify for Gift Aid, what you pay in income tax or capital gains tax must at least equal the amount the charity will claim in the tax year.






Please return completed membership form to:


Membership secretary


7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust


Po Box 198




Northern Ireland


BT36 9BP


Thank you from all at 7th Heaven, especially the animals

Make a donation      

  • Donate by cheque to our Charity address above


  • PayPal donations can now be made on-line using all major credit and debit cards. 


Click here to make a donation. Thank you


NB if you are making a donation via PayPal - go to PERSONAL and then click on GIFT and we will receive the FULL donation.

  • Give As You Live

Help 7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust. Just by shopping online. Shop with your favourite stores and a

donation will be made to 7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust without costing you a penny extra. Shop at

thousands of leading stores like Amazon, Expedia and John Lewis. Get started raising money for

7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust today.




Payroll Giving in Action has offered us an On-Line Giving facility. This flexible scheme allows anyone who pays UK income tax to give regularly and on a tax free basis, to the charities and good causes of their choice. 


Payroll Giving donations are deducted before tax from your pay so each £1.00 you give will only cost you 80p, and if you're a higher rate tax payer it will only cost you 60p. They have also provided this service free to us, so there is no admin cost - it all goes direct to the animals.


If you would be interested in setting up a regular donation to our charity through this scheme, here's the link to our new form:                                               Giving On-Line-7th-Heaven-Animal-Rescue-Trust




  • Donate your VIP Club Lifelines to our charity when purchasing from Pets At Home 


      Click here for details:





The VIP club means you can enjoy money-saving offers on food, toys and accessories for your pets - and support us at the same time! When you register you’ll receive a VIP card, a 10% off voucher and you can look forward to regular offers, tips, advice and a free magazine. Each time you swipe your VIP card you can support our work by collecting Lifelines. Every three months our Lifelines will be exchanged for Pets at Home vouchers which we’ll spend to help the animals in our care. Join the club today at your local Pets at Home store or at


To help support 7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust:

Log into your account online & remember to select 'Newtownabbey' home store from the list* so that our charity can benefit from this. Changing your Home Store has no impact on where you have to shop as Lifelines can be collected in all Pets at Home stores & online


Deep Rover Rock Campaign - #ThirstForBetter

Help us raise funds for animals cared for & supported by 7th Heaven. 


Enter the unique code found on the reverse of the label on #ThirstForBetter bottles of Deep RiverRock,  then choose 7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust, if you would like your donation to go to us. 

Details and where to redeem your code can be found here. 

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Registered charity March 2003 

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