On this page we will keep you up-to-date with all our future fundraising activities and will also let you know about how successful this year's previous events have been.


If you have any fund-raising ideas or would like to organise your own event, please contact us.


For Pets’ Sake, Quit Smoking: No Smoking Campaign (incorporating No Smoking Day - 11 March 2020

Everyone is aware that smoking is hazardous to one’s health and that passive smoking is hazardous to the health of one’s family members. It would appear, however, that, not everyone uses this knowledge to pursue it to its logical conclusion – smoking is also detrimental to your pet’s health. Passive smoking can cause respiratory problems and lung, nasal, skin and mouth cancer in animals. A study carried out by Tuft’s University School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts found that continuous exposure to cigarette smoke doubles the chances of cats getting lymphoma and living in a household for more than five years where there is a smoker increased the risk by 400%. Cats are particularly susceptible to illness because when they groom themselves they ingest particles containing nicotine and other dangerous chemicals such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, arsenic, benzene from the cigarettes. Research into the effects of passive smoking on dogs carried out by Colorado State University showed higher incidence of nasal cancer, particularly in long-nose breeds of dogs. It also showed an increased risk of lung cancer. Numerous other studies have shown that inhalation of cigarette smoke causes bronchoconstriction and inflammation of the lungs in guinea pigs, laryngeal carcinomas in hamsters, skin tumours on rabbits and mice and pneumonia and lung cancer in birds. So if you don’t want to give up smoking for your sake, give it up for the sake of your pet. Make your home, a smoke-free zone.

Sainsbury's 150 days of Community - 1 June 2019 - March 2020 (extended)

Sainsbury Forestside staff has just chosen our charity as 1 of the 4 they will be helping over the next 150 days...Staff will be volunteering their time to help us out at their store collections including bag packs and run a raffle. Collection buckets at tills will be shared equally between the Welcome Organisation, Aware NI, Daisy & 7th Heaven. 4 More to follow on upcoming events.

7th Heaven's October Feral Cat Month - each year

7th Heaven designated October to be Feral Cat Month. Feral cats are frequently ignored, and even considered pests by some. 7th Heaven simply see them as felines that like living al fresco, providing they are safe.7th Heaven last year introduced 'Feral Cat Month' for the whole of October. We collect and donate a lot of pet food and provide shelters to feral or community cats during this period. We try to raise awareness through various events during this time too. Would you like to be part of this? Would you like to organise an event yourself to help us promote them?

World Animal Day 4th October each year

World Animal Day 4th October - Make a pledge & show you care! World Animal Day is held annually on the 4 October and is dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of animals throughout the world. It is a global event, which 7th Heaven, along with other charities, groups and individuals in various countries getting involved to highlight animal welfare issues that they feel most strongly about - to celebrate animal life in all its forms

National Feral Cat Day - Oct 16 each year

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the plight of these poor, unfortunate, unwanted, and for many, unloved animals. To everyone who helps them in any way, from feeding them, providing shelter, caring for them, neutering them - a big thank you on their behalf. If anyone wants to promote this day, whether it is through an event in aid of 7th Heavens' animals, Project Wildcat or Pet Food Bank, please get in touch with us Let's all take time out from our busy lives to think about them. try to place yourself in their paws on this day - how would you feel to be homeless, cold and don't know where your next morsel of food will come from? What if you are ill and can't fend for yourself? Just take some time to reflect - are they really so bad for people to want to kill them, day in and day out? It's not their fault they are in this situation. Please take time to help them, stop cruelty and don't just turn the other way. If anyone wants to promote this day, whether it is through an event in aid of 7th Heavens' animals, Project Wildcat or Pet Food Bank, please get in touch with us

Daisy Day, 24 December

Have you a moment to spare on Christmas Eve? We at 7th Heaven are asking you to take a few moments out of your busy schedule on this day to remember all the innocent animal victims of war. We are planning to make this day an annual event in remembrance of them. We have chosen the daisy as it symbolises innocence and, like the animal victims of war, they are numerous and always overlooked. So please, take a few moments out to say a prayer or just spare a thought for them on this day. Perhaps you could link into our facebook pages and share our Daisy Logo to help spread awareness of their plight and together we can create a 'Daisy Chain of Compassion' (Facebook pages: 7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust and Seventh Heaven)

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Thank you to everyone who helped

Tesco Baygomartin 16 November 2019

Thank you to everyone who donated pet food at our store collection in Tesco Ballygomartin on 16 November. £134.44 was donated along with an amazing amount of pet food worth £201.90! Thank you very much Tesco customers and all the staff, especially Angela who has supported us over the years.
A special thanks to Neill and Hugh for helping us.

Sainsbury, Forestside - store colection - 26 October 2019

Thank to everyone who donated at Sainsbury's Forestside last week. We raised £55.74 & £86 worth of pet food was donated. Congratulations to everyone who won prizes from the raffle: Mrs Carpin, Graham., Linda, Pam, Laura and Sean. We hope you like them. Thank you to Sainsbury's and everyone who donated some of them.
We have also delivered shelters for feral cats from people who contacted us after the event - so more wee furries will be warm and dry throughout the winter.

Sainsbury, Forestside- store collection - 12 October 2019

We collected £102.45 of pet food and £28.69 at Sainsbury's Forestside. Thank you to all the generous customers who donated. This will be shared with animals in our pet food bank and project wildcat schemes. This month is our Feral Cat Month and all the cat food is shared with people feeding feral and community cats throughout Northern Ireland. A very big thank you to Hugh and Neil who collected for us yesterday and raised all this.

Sainsbury, Forestside- store collection - 5 October 2019

Staff at Sainsbury's Forestside store will be helping us with a store collection as part of their '150 days of Community' Event. A big thank you to all helping out

Tesco Ballgomartin, Belfast 5 October 2019

We're were invited into Tesco Ballygomartin store to promote 7th Heaven's Feral Cat Month. Tesco staff are so amazingly generous and have donated a huge trolley worth at least £200. All this will be shared with feral and community cats throughout Northern Ireland. We also have one of the shelters we supply through our Project Wildcat Scheme to keep them safe warm and dry. A total of £516.25 of pet food & £56.56 was raised through donations too.

Tesco Ballygomartin 10 August 2019

Tesco and their staff were very kind to let us come in-store to collect and receive donations to help those in our pet food bank and project wildcat schemes. All their customers were so generous and compassionate raising £95.62 and donating & 190.70 worth of pet food. We've been out all week with deliveries to help pets whose owners are in need. All thanks to you they have been able to keep their pets during difficult times.

Sainsbury's Forestside 27 July 2019

A very big thank you to everyone at Sainsbury’s Forestside. Last week's store collection raised £74 and look we collected 2 trolleys worth £171.25 full of pet food. This has been shared with pets whose owners are in great need of help this week. We met some lovely, supportive customers too

Tesco, Ballygomartin store, Belfast 25 May 2019

Thank you to everyone at Tesco Ballygomartin yesterday. £135.10 was donated which will go towards the animals in our care. There was quite a bit of interest in the animals needing a home and the shelters available through our Project Wildcat Scheme.

Love to Give with VIP Pets at Home

Pets at Home VIP held a competition for UK charities throughout the UK to have a chance of winning a share of £500K which ended 31/5/18. Although we did not win the larger prizes, we are delighted that through everyone's voting, we received £250. Thanks everyone!

Easter 2018 Ballot

A big thank you to everyone who purchased a ballot over the last few weeks at either Jollyes, Glengormley or Spar, Whitewell Road. You helped raise £50 which will go to buy new toys and scratch posts for the animals in our care. A massive thank you to Ricky who donated the prizes of £50 Sozu meal voucher, a cuddly bear & chocolates. Congratulations to Kelly who won.

'The Cat' Bangor Drama Club Thursday 18 January 2018

Bangor Drama Club organised a themed evening aound cats in their theatre in Hamilton Road, Bangor. This included poems, prose and selections from a few plays. The event was free but they decided to ask visitors if they would like to make a donation afterwards to local animal charities. They have chosen 7th Heaven as one of the charities to support. Thank you to everyone who came along for an evening of entertainment and help support furries in need

Co-op Local Community Fund 9 April 2017 - 7 October 2017

We were delighted to have been chosen to receive funds raised in the local community through Co-op's Local Community Fund. The Co-op donates 1% raised through  members spending on their brand services and products and carier bag sales. The funds raised was £1,532.89 and helped to help buy shelters and food for animals we support through our Project Wildcat and Pet Food Bank schemes, Thank you everyone who helped and supported us.  

Irish Vegan Festival, Saturday 14th October 2017

We are delighted to be attending Farplace Animal Rescue's event at the Waterfront Hall. We are excited with this opportunity to have a stall at this event both to promote the non-eating & non-wearing of animals. We took this opportunity to promote 7th Heaven's Project Wildcat Scheme & our Feral Cat Month, where we support feral and community cats by donating pet food & shelter

Irish Vegan Festival, Saturday 13th May 2017

We had a stall at this great event highlighting 7th Heaven's animals needing a home and promoting the schemes we offer to help those in need. We raised £213.28 which will go direct to helping animals in our care. Thank you too, to the staff of Thompson's family tea for their fantastic team hamper. The raffle raised £49.

Carnfunnock Super Dog, Saturday 6 May 2017

Carnfunnock Country Park, just outside of Larne was the setting for this super, novety dog show organised by Latharna Canine and Dog Training Club in conjuntion with Mid& East Antrim Borough Council. Categories included: best pettigree, best non pettigree, sadest eyes, most like its owner, most likely to take home, waggest tail, best fancy dressed. best rescue and biggest ears.

The weather was great and lots turned out to show their dog and just have lots of fun.

Thank you to everyone who orgainsed this event and for your donation of £150 to help animals 7th Heaven rescues and supports. Have a look on our YouTube show above to see all the beautiful dogs.

SSA Bake Sale, Castle Court 29/3/17

We would like to thank Social Security Agency staff in Castle Court for organising a bake sale and quiz on 29/3/17. They raised an astonishing £786.71. Not only that, they generously donated £300 of pet food, toys, blankets & bedding.

Thank you everyone for your compassion and thoughtfulness to the animals we rescue and those we support through our Pet Food Bank and Project Wildcat schemes

VIP club 'Hi £5 Million' celebration, Saturday 8th October 2016

7th Heaven was invited into Pets at Home, Newtownabbey store to join in their celebration of raising £5 million VIP Lifelines for charities. Thank you everyone who called in to say 'Hi'.It was great to meet new furry friends and also to get updates on those who we had rehomed or supported through our Pet Food Bank or Project Wildcat schemes. We were delighted to be able to promote our schemes and Alley Cat's National Feral Cat Day on 16 October. £38.49 was donated during the few hours we were there. We also received £72 Lifeline vouchers which purchased lots of cat food for feral cats. And Mollly,who is looking for a home, was the star of the show, loved and stroked by all!

Neil and Kevin to conquered Mont Ventoux, 20 September 2016

Success! On 20 September 2016, Neil Cahill and Kevin Gallagher from Tughans Solicitors became members of a cycling club known as the ‘Club des Cinglés de Mont Ventoux’ They decided to use this gruelling challenge as an opportunity to raise money for the Tughans’ charity of the year, Action Cancer, and also for the 7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust. Thank you!

7th Heaven's October Feral Cat Month

We have provided supplies of food to approx 100 feral cats during October, with a few more still to visit. 
Here's the donation to the Official Bangor Seafront cats, but by the looks of it it won't be long disappearing!
Thanks everyone for all your generous donations of cat food, especially over this month.

Sainsbury's, Carrickfergus 3 October 2015

Fizzy, 7th Heaven's feral cat, was at it again visiting the customers in Carrick's store on Saturday. Let's hope she livened up a Saturday afternoon as there were lots of customer's chuckling. 
Fizzy was there to promote 7th Heaven's Feral Cat Month, where all the cat pet food donated this month will go to feed feral cats throughout Northern Ireland. It was also World Animal Day on Sunday too.
You generous customers donated £128.49 of pet food and the donations made on the day have been added to Sainsbury Carrick's other funds raised this year as their local charity partner.
Mark & Elaine were on hand to make sure Fizzy behaved herself!
Thank you all!

Sainsbury's Forestside 2 October 2015

We hope Fizzy, 7th Heaven's Feral Cat, brought a smile to customers on Friday afternoon during our in-store promotion of our Feral Cat Month and World Animal Day events.
Thank you to all the customers who donated £76.91 and also pet food totaling £69.19.
Thank you to Sainsbury's staff, Mary and of course Ben for being brave enough to get his picture taken beside Fizzy

Sainsbury’s Carrickfergus 1 August 2015. Local Charity Partner 2015 -16 launch

Sainsbury's Carrick staff invited us into their store on Saturday to launch our partnership - here's Mark and Anne.

It was a fun day with Lauren, 1st for Fun, providing children's face painting and animal balloons, all courtesy of Sainsburys.

Carrickfergus Mayor, Billy Ashe came in to meet us all too.

In addition to being able to inform local customers in-store of the schemes our charity provides for including the Pet Food Bank, Project Wildcat and Made in Heaven Matchmaking Schemes, we were able to promote some of our animals needing a home. We were able to meet regular supporters of our charity and old friends too.

We received £163 in donations on the day and a further donation of Pet Food worth £123.25. You are all very generous and clearly show your compassion for animals.

A special thanks to Eddie, Mark, Elaine, Anne and all their colleagues in Sainsbury's Carrickfergus for making this possible.


Sainsbury's Local Charity of the Year 2015/16

Great News!
We've just been told that we have won Local Charity of the Year 2015/16 at Sainsbury's Carrickfergus store.

A very big thank you to everyone who voted for 7th Heaven. Thank you to Sainsbury's staff for choosing to nominate us.
We are overwhelmed by all your support to make this possible.

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