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Project Wildcat

Project Wildcat: There are pockets of feral communities and community cats being fed by people throughout Northern Ireland. This unique scheme provides pet food support to help them feed them especially during crisis. Those caring for them will need to provide pet food to them ongoing, and we will help support by sharing any supplies we have available. We provide shelters to keep them warm, safe and protected, provided there is somewhere safe and someone to care for them where they are. To discontinue care and feeding to which these cats have grown accustomed to would put them in grave danger.  NB. We do not trap, neuter & return nor remove the cat from where they are 


NB. The supplies may be reduced at times due to the increase in requests and will be dependent on funds available to cover. We cannot guarantee any particular type of pet food, we share out pet food donated to us for use in both the Pet Food Bank & Project Wildcat schemes. We are not able to provide them with all the pet food they need. It likely to be mainly dry food. There are only a few volunteers delivering these supplies, so please bear with us! 

You can contact us direct for support by e-mail: or by phone: 02894432229. Our preference for initial contact is by e-mail please as we can manage this better.    Please let us know: - Name, address & phone number (e-mail too if possible) - the basic reason why support is needed, to help us assess the type /length of support needed, ensure it meets our criteria and to ensure volunteers are aware of any health condition to safeguard them too. - a few details of the animal(s)   We will contact you generally in the evening to discuss & make any arrangements.

About Project Wildcat

Although 7th Heaven was founded to deal solely with domestic animals, we are increasingly being asked to help out with feral cats. We have therefore started Project Wildcat to help address the situation.


Under Project Wildcat, we will provide a supply of pet food and waterproof kennels, free of charge, to anyone that has feral cats on their land and is happy to let them stay. We will also help cover the cost of neutering, but unfortunately as we are a small animal charity, do not have the resource to trap them & take them to the vet ourselves.


If a female has already given birth, and the kittens are still feeding from her, you must wait until the kittens stop feeding before trapping the mother for spaying, this will probably be when the kittens are about 6 weeks old. If the mother is spayed before the kittens stop feeding from her, they will die. 


If the kennel is no longer required or being used, can you please return this to us, so that it can be used for other feral cats who are in need.


October is 7th Heaven's Feral Cat Month

7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust continue to highlight the plight of feral and community cats through our annual Feral Cat Month in October. Feral cats are frequently ignored, considered pests and treated very cruelly by some here. During October, some of the cat food donated to us, will be used to feed feral and community cats throughout Northern Ireland. Any donations received specifically for them will be used to buy them food and shelter if needed.

We normally feed over 100 cats each year through this event but this has significantly increased with the covid crisis. Although it has been crazy times for us since the Covid crisis, we still have not stopped helping the wee ferals and community cats. Our ongoing Project Wildcat Scheme provides waterproof shelters where possible, pet food and help with the cost of neutering. Since the end of April 20, we have provided food to feed almost 1000 cats.

​If anyone is currently caring for ferals in Northern Ireland and needs this help, please contact us. 

We will continue to be advocates to highlight their plight.


If anyone would like to donate food to this good cause, we have a donation point at Sainsbury's Forestside, Belfast store.
We will 
continue to highlight their plight.

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How You Can Help

Most people view feral cats as a nuisance and want them removed from their land or garden. Unfortunately as it is very difficult to find somewhere to re-locate them, we are always looking for people willing to take neutered ferals. If you are happy to care for a few feral cats please let is know. You would need to have a reasonable area of land away from dangerous roads and a shed or outbuilding in which they can sleep and find shelter. This would need to be lockable as the cats would have to be closed in for a few weeks initially or they would simply run off. You must also be prepared to feed them daily.



Remember, feral cats’ lives are precious too.

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Project Wildcat in Practice 

Project Wildcat Scheme & 7th Heaven's Feral Cat month update Oct 2020

We thought you would like to see how we have been helping others through this scheme and during the October event. Times have been very difficult for us all this year, but we have continued to provide this service to help those in need.
Thank you to everyone who has supported us during this time, whether it was through donation pet food, shelters, bedding, funds, trapping /neutering - we appreciate all that you have done to help these wee ferals or community cats.

Project Wildcat YouTube Video

Gallery of some of the Feral and Community cats we have helped

9/6/24 More pet food being delivered to an amazing woman who takes care of 16 stray and feral cats, giving them shelter, neutering them and making sure they are well. This is on top of her own family and animals. She doesn't have much but will spend her last pennies on them all. Once again thank you to Fay, John and Eddie for your donations of pet food and beds A special thanks to Geraldine who makes great warm covered pillows which they can snuggle into.

2/6/24 Lots of pet food being delivered to help a family feeding18 feral cats outside of Larne. They take care of all of them, giving them shelter and making sure they are all well and neutered. They struggle feeding so many that have been dumped with them over the years, so glad we can help. Thanks to friends like Fay and John and customers of Sainsburys Forestside who donated this food, these cats will have very full tummies for quite a while.

17/11/23 wee Ed loves his new home. He was very nervous and frightened but a very kind lady has been caring for him from April

11/11/23 Tracy's plight This wonderful women has had ferals dropped off at her property over the years (as so many of you I'm sure have experienced this!) She did turn a blind eye! Instead she provided shelter, warmth, food, care, love and a catio! Here's the link if you would like help Tracy feed her feral cats and kittens into the new year

Oct 23 - Project Wildcat update 7th Heaven's feral cat month has just ended & we have shared all the cat food & money donated this month specifically to help them. We have provided pet food and snug shelters to people the length & breadth of Northern Ireland. 146 ferals have been given a really good supply of pet food in October. But our work to help ferals does not end there, we share cat food throughout the year with regulars too. So far we have provided cat food to 489 ferals.

6/11/23 Not long back from another Project Wildcat delivery, this time 2 snugs, lots of cat food and straw for bedding. A wonderful couple are caring for 18 ferals and this will help them keep all those hungry mouths and bellies fed. Well done Jeanette for an amazing job trapping, neutering and returning them. Big cheers for all TNR trappers, you are our heros!

29/10/23 7th Heaven's Feral Cat month This month we have shared all the cat food donated to us with ferals cats being cared for all through Northern Ireland. Thank you to Fay and John for this amazing amount of pet food (this was donated by Fay in lieu of her birthday present). You may think this is a lot to give out at once, but the man we help is feeding over 18 feral cats. He and his family care for them very well, even building sheds for shelter, neutering them and feeding them every day.

29/10/23 A wee feral cat in Glenarm is going to be so happy with their new Snug home. We're so glad we have been able to provide their 'guardian carer' with a warm, safe shelter for it as the nights become dark, wet and very cold

28/10/23 7th Heaven's feral cat month Out and about this weekend donating all the pet food to those feeding and caring for feral cats. This amazing amount was donated by Pets at Home and Fay and John and was donated to the Official Seafront Cats Group. They do a fabulous job of feeding these wee ferals every day between them- thank you!

22/10/23 Thank you to all Sainsbury's Forestside customers for all your donations to 7th Heaven's pet food bank in-store. All the cat food donated this month will be shared with people feeding feral cats throughout Northern Ireland as part of our Oct Feral Cat month. You are all making a difference, thank you

11/4/23 Help to all the stray & feral cats Laura is helping.

8/3/23 More pet food dropped off providing regular help to this feral colony.

3/3/23 Help with shelter and food for a few feral cats in need of a warm safe permanent home. 7th Heaven's Project Wildcat scheme

3/3/23 more pet food to help cats in need

3/3/23 Help with shelter and food for a few feral cats in need of a warm safe permanent home. 7th Heaven's Project Wildcat scheme

9/11/22 - A wee feral cat will now have a permanent dry, safe home. A new shelter has been provided as part of our Project Wildcat scheme. Thank you to Orla who takes care of it.

2/9/22 we regularly provide cat food to Cornelia who is feeding 22 cats

31/8/22 more pet food delivered to help ferals in Carrick

31/8/22 One of 7 wee feral cats receiving pet food near Carrick

29/10/21 A lovely dry snug, bedding & food are donated to help a wee stray being permanently looked after. Thank you also to Cosy Cages Ltd(our snug supplier) and Doagh Equestrian(bulk supplies of pet food) who provide these supplies at a good discount.

29/10/21 A wee stray is being taken good care of by a 'cat guardian' named Maggie, who also care for other feline rescues. We helped with food, bedding & shelter

16/8/21 A wee feral cat had been wondering the streets of Belfast and eventually found a very kind woman who gave it food regularly and didn't chase it away. It now stays in her back garden. We were happy to provide a snug for it and food, so now it has a permanent warm home and a full tummy.

16/8/21 One of the wee cats who now has a warm snug

16/8/21 2 wee community cats have a safe, warm dry permanent home now after we dropped off a snug and some food. A big thank you to the family taking care of them.

15/8/21 - A lovely dry Snug and food were delivered to a wee feral cat in Larne

24/1/21 This wee shelter winged its way to help provide somewhere warm and dry to wee ferals out in the snow in Ballygowan. There's lots of food to to keep their tummies full. Thank you to Clare for coming out in this bad weather to collect and settle them in. We're blessed by the kindness, generosity and compassion of friends who help the poor animals in these difficult times

2/11/20 - Another snug and food delivered to a wee feral cat in Belfast. We're happy this wee one will now have shelter as the weather turns bad and he is being fed by a kind man. Thank you to Alison and John Tracey for their very kind donation of the snug.

24/10/20 Snug provided for a wee feral being cared for in Larne

17/10/20 food and shelter to help a colony in Co Armagh

17/10/20 - all happy with food supplied

17/10/20 Some of the kittens in Co Armagh

15/10/20 - 2 ferals in Mallusk receive a new warm home & food

12/10/20 - 4 ferals receive shelters & food around University Street. People who are caring for them watch out for them

6/10/20 - a family of cats receive food and a new cabin home

3/10/20 Help for 13 feral cats being feed and cared for in Ballygown

20/9/20 - Food & milk going down a treat.

26/8/20 A feral in Belfast gets a new warm home & food

24/8/20 - 2 wee ferals getting a new home & food in Crumlin

24/8/20 - 1 of the cats being cared for by a compassionate family in Crumlin

16/8/20 Food and shelter to help some ferals in Belfast.

8/8/20 Popeye settling into his new home

8/8/20- pet food to help those feeding the Official Bangor Seafront cats. This group does a wonderful job taking care of them every day.

5/7/20 - Food is going down a treat with the wee ferals we have started supporting in Coleraine! The lady was devastated at having to move and the amazing thing is, several people from the local community are willing to step in and keep on feeding them and give them shelter. This is true compassion and how a really great community can help each other!

27/6/20 - We have been to Kilkeel to deliver shelters and pet food to help wee ferals being cared for by a very kind lady. Now they will have a warm and dry home to feel safe in and a regular supply of pet food. The true heroes are those who make sure they are feed regularly and kept well.

30/5/20 Pet food delivered to feral /community cats being well cared for in Ballintoy.

28/5/20 More wee ferals provided with food and shelter. It's so wonderful to see people caring for them.

28/5/20 Once again thank you to Andy for donating another snug.

27/5/20 Cinder, Pennywise and wee noname who’s hiding under the car are enjoying their treats

27/5/20 2 shelters and food now delivered to a colony of feral /community cats in Kilkeel. They are being cared for by a kind family who have also got them neutered. Thank you to Andy for generously donating these snugs.

24/5/20 This wee community cat has befriended a lady and has been keeping her company through distressing times. The lady has been looking after her really well and the pet food we have supplied through our Project Wildcat Scheme will help them both.

19/5/20 And more provided with pet food

19/5/20 More wee feral/community cats received a good supply of pet food last week. They've really made themselves at home! The person feeding them doesn't mind and takes good care of them

3/5/20 This is one of 16 community cats being cared for by a very compassionate woman. A good supply of pet food was delivered to help her keep feeding them during troubled times. Thank you to everyone who has donated to our crowdfunder appeal. These funds will be used to help community and feral cats in this time of need.

19/4/20 - some food help to the cats being feed by the Official Bangor Seafront Cats Group

18/4/20 - The cat guardian of 4 community cats was concerned when she couldn't get out to get pet food, as having to self isolated. We delivered a good supply to help her through this bad time.

16/4/20 - A supply of pet food delivered to help feral / community cats. Debs is the amazing guardian of over 20 cats. We don't know what they would do without her compassionate care.Here's some she helps...

23/2/20 More deliveries of shelters, bedding and pet food to a family caring for 6 wee feral cats. We're glad to be able to help give them shelter in this very cold and wet weather. A very big thank you to Andy who had donated one of the shelters.

2/2/20 - we provided a shelter to give a wee feral a home, keeping them warm and dry.

25/1/20 Lucy in his wee house (yes he's a male!). It took Lucy quite a while to build up his confidence before he would go into the kennel. As you can see he is happy and warm. A timely reminder what this scheme is al about!

30/11/19 14 ferals in Omagh have received a good supply of pet food to help them over the winter months

26/11/19 Glenariffe shelter-The cats LOVED it!!! They all wanted into it & now have a wee home away from the wind and rain. They enjoyed plenty of food and were waiting every morning for breakfast!

28/10/19 2 more shelters provided to keep 4 feral cats warm and dry.

28/10/19 It's been a very busy few weeks as we've been getting pet food and shelters to people caring for feral cats. Here's some of the shelters we supplied to 16 ferals to keep them warm and dry throughout the winter.

14/10/19 Some of the wee Bangor Seafront Cats helped during our Feral Cat Month

14/10/19 It was a very busy evening delivering pet food to wonderful people feeding feral and community cats. The food has been collected over the last few weeks as part of 7th Heaven's Feral Cat Month and has been shared out to help almost 80 cats. Some will be getting shelters to keep them warm and dry too. Thank you to everyone who donated the food and to those who have helped us in the store collections too

12/10/19 We collected £102.45 of pet food and £28.69 at Sainsbury's Forestside yesterday. Thank you to all the generous customers who donated. This will be shared with animals in our pet food bank and project wildcat schemes. This month is our Feral Cat Month and all the cat food is shared with people feeding feral and community cats throughout Northern Ireland. A very big thank you to Hugh and Neil who collected for us yesterday and raised all this.

18/8/19 This wee cat has been abandoned and a kind lady is feeding him. He doesn't get on with her cats so if anyone would like to offer him an indoor home, please get in contact with us. We have provided him with a shelter in the meantime

18/8/19 We were out today delivering a shelter to a wee cat.

9/7/19 This wee feral has now got shelter & being cared for by a great lady

9/7/19 This great snug was delivered to Ballycastle to provide shelter for a wee fera cat

7/7/19 Another cat provided with a good supply of pet food

7/7/19 Another cat has received a good supply of pet food through our Project Wildcat scheme

7/7/19 Another cat provided with pet food. The lady caring for them makes sure they have plenty of shelter from the sun

7/7/19 Here's one of the wee cats we delivered pet food whose owner was in need of help. This lady takes such good care of them and worries about the sun affecting them. She has come up with amazing ideas such as a tent made of cardboard and covered with tarpaulin. All of which does cost much but gives them shelter from the heat

3/6/19 This couple really care for the ferals and strays. We are glad to be able to supply pet food to them

3/6/19 This wee feral certainly trusts the family feeding them

29/4/19 Here's only some of the feral cats Debs looks after. We help by providing pet food, shelter & cover the cost of the neutering

18/4/19 Here's 2 of the feral/ community cats we provided shelters & pet food to a very kind family who takes care of them

13/3/19 This wee cat received supplies of pet food and a snug o keep him warm

13/3/19 One of the feral cats in North Belfast receiving supplies of pet food

13/3/19 Another snug and pet food delivered to some feral cats in North Belfast this week. These ferals are being cared for by a great couple who worry about them and make sure they are well feed. The shelters we supply through the project wildcat scheme will keep them warm and dry.

3/3/19 We delivered a shelter and pet food to a kind man caring for 4 feral cats in West Belfast. Now they will have somewhere safe, dry and warm to shelter from the cold. Thank you to the man for taking care of them. Thank you everyone for the donations of food to help him.

1/2/19 Here's another of the cats Jean & Fran are caring for

1/2/19 Here's some of the wee cats being cared for by Jean & Frank. We've just delivered a good supply of pet food to help them through our Project Wildcat. They are incredible caring for them for many years giving them so much love

15/1/19 A shelter delivered to a very kind lady caring for a wee feral, just in time to give it warmth & shelter before the snow came.

31/10/18 Thank you Belfast Pug Club £59.37 was raised at their Halloween Pug Party. All the food is being given to ferals throughout Northern Ireland as part of our Feral Cat Month.

30/10/18 A kind man has been feeding a feral mum & her kittens. We had provided a shelter for Mum & have been back to deliver more pet food

291018 Another of 7th Heaven's free shelters has been delivered to provide a warm home to a feral cat in Ahoghill

29/10/18 We provided plenty of food to feed this wee feral as part of 7th Heaven's Feral Cat Month

26/10/18 More of the 10 cats we provided pet food to & helped with the cost of neutering

1/7/18 10 more cats helped with pet food

6/8/18 Some of the cats & kittens in Newtownards provided with a good supply of pet food

26/5/18 One of the 10 cats we are supplying pet food to

22/4/18 Midnight has now got a safe, warm home to shelter from all the exteme elements and provided with food 3 times a day

18/2/18 Here is one of the shelters we provided a home for ferals, all thanks to Jollyes' Glengormley

18/2/18 This is the Tirgracy crew, who we provide regular supplies of pet food to.

We delivered a good supply of pet food to over 150 ferals during January/February 18

23/11/17 One of the 5 cats being helped through our Project Wildcat scheme. It gets brave coming inside once it sees food!

23/11/17 A neighbour feeds these cats after their owner put them out and doesn't feed them,but won't rehoming. The neighbour can't see them not being feed, so we have stepped in to provide her with food.

23/11/17 A poor wee timid cat was dumped out by its owner several years ago and a neighbour has been caring for it since. It's now got a home! The lady caring for him is very good and feeds him every day.

19/11/17 We delivered supplies of pet food to the official Bangor Seafront cats. Their carers are so committed, looking after them an amazing 365 days a year

Oct 17 - 2 of these shelter will now provide homes for 4 feral cats at the docks. Another shelter will provide a home to 2 feral cats in Woodvale

22/10/17 We provided this wee community cat with a new shelter to keep warm in the winter

22/10/17 We provided a good supply of pet food to a hostel in North Belfast caring for 16 community cats. We will be continuing to help them

3/10/17 These wee community cats have now got cosy homes to take shelter in as the weather gets bad.

31/10/17 We provided 2 snugs provide homes to more community cats and some food

19/6/17 This wee community cat is loved by a woman and her neighbour. They feed her and her furry friends. She's got a shelter and lots of pet food through our Project Wildcat scheme

19/6/17 This wee cat and his furry friends are well cared for and those caring for him have received lots of pet food

3/17 OJ is still looking well and being cared for by the staff at W5, helped by our supplies of pet food

Dec 16

Dec 16. Paula says: Just in time for Christmas and Storm Barbara. The cats in my garden now have a dry place for cover and food. Thank you so much for your kindness and all you do to help all the animals in need. This is what Christmas is really all about. Xx

11/12/16 Thank you Macy and family for this lovely message. Thanks Lisa!


15/1/17 Lots & lots of animals have been helped, with your support to 7th Heaven's Pet Food Bank & Project Wildcat schemes. Here's only a few. Thank you from them all.

15/1/17 Thank you to Fay & John who donated lots of pet food to 7th Heaven's animals & also to Project Wildcat's feral cats. We have been delivering non-stop to animals in need over the last few weeks, so this ssupport is really welcome.

15/1/17 Thank you to Pets at Home, Newtownabbey for the pet food, treats, bedding & toys donated on 15/12/16 - £135.49 & 12/1/17 - £103.82. This has helped 7th Heaven's rescued animals and those we support in through our Pet Food Bank and Project Wildcat schemes. You are so generous.

11/12/16 47 animals were provided pet food to last week. We hope that our Project Wildcat support goes some way to helping them. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us through your donations to these schemes.

15/12/16 A big thank you to Andy and the 'Big Lad' and to Donna for the donations of cat food last week. We have given these out feed feral cats over the last few days. They enjoyed the cat milk too! You are all so kind and caring!

30/11/16 We delivered Mark, Clare & Noah's gift of a shelter to Lisa and her family. They are caring for a wee stray mum and her kittens. They are all doing well and being cared for by this family. Now they should be warm as the cold winter sets in. Thanks Lisa and family for taking such good care of them

22/11/16 We were delighted to be able to supply lots of pet food to the Official Bangor Seafront Cats as part of our Feral Cat Month. Well done, Dennis, Anne, Audrey and all the volunteers who go out every day to feed and care for these wee ferals. You are doing such a wonderful job looking after them with such commitment and compassion.

22/11/16 Thank you to Pets at Home VIP Club.Last month we received £72 lifeline vouchers. We were able to buy lots and lots of cat food as part of our Feral Cat month and donate this to help feed feral cats throughout Northern Ireland

19/11/16 We received a surprise visit from Sonia and her family at the weekend. She wanted to drop off some food.... We are amazed at this wonderful donation and cannot thank Sonia enough for her generosity and compassion.12 wee ferals received food supplies over the last 2 days.

5/11/16 A feral cat in Newtownards receives a shelter and food from 7th Heaven - just in time for the bad weather The woman who cares every day for her say: Our wee cat loving her new home....thank you so much for your help. Val x

27/10/16 Look at this amazing donation of pet food we collected from our donation point at Sainsbury's Carrickfergus during our October Feral Cat Month. Your customers are so generous in donating £231.18 worth of pet food. This has now all been donated to pets whose owners are in need and feral and community cats throughout Northern Ireland. Thank you everyone for caring!

30/10/16 We're reaching the end of 7th Heaven's feral cat month. All the cat food donated this month has been supplied to feral and community cats throughout Northern Ireland. There has been a lot of requests for help and support and we have still quite a few more to supply. Our priority will be to provide food first to those most in need, but we hope to help the remainder as more donations are received. Thank you everyone who has donated cat food to help them.

30/10/16 Here's some of the 11 ferals we provided food for in the last few days. Thank you Kate for looking after them so well.

16/10/16 What did you do today? Did you help a feral or community cat? We know quite a few of you that not only help them on this day, but every day of the year. On behalf of all those voiceless cats you help - THANK YOU!

16/10/16 Who will you help today?

16/10/16 Who remembers OJ? OJ was a wee female feral cat who took up residency in the Odyssey / Titanic area. The staff nearby have been feeding her for many years now. 7th Heaven provided her with shelter and some medical treatment. We have continued to provide the caring people with supplies of food for her. We dropped more off on Friday & she was looking really well. Well done everyone for caring for her!

16/10/16 Today is Feral Cat Day 7th Heaven continues to highlight the plight of feral and community cats as an Alley Cat Advocate. Alley Cat Allies is the national­ engine of change for cats. They are seen around the world as a global champion for the humane treatment of all cats. They are the only national advocacy organisation in America dedicated to protecting and improving cats' lives. What will you do today to help feral or community cats?

15/10/16 Are you?

9/10/16 VIP club 'Hi £5 Million' celebration, Saturday 8th October 2016 7th Heaven was invited into Pets at Home, Newtownabbey store to join in their celebration of raising £5 million VIP Lifelines for charities. Thank you everyone who called in to say 'Hi'. We were delighted to be able to promote our schemes and Alley Cat's National Feral Cat Day on 16 October.

8/10/16 Please take time out to help a feral or community cat Thank you to everyone who is already helping them and saving their lives 7th Heaven's Feral Cat Month

5/10/16 In the last 2 days, we've delivered pet food for 15 feral cats and also provided a shelter to provide a home for 6 cats. they're all set up for the winter now.

4/10/16 7th Heaven's Feral Cat Month Highlighting the plight of unfortunate feral, community and stray cats & kittens

4/10/16 What did you do today for animals on World Animal Day? Share your story with us.

3/10/16 7th Heaven's Feral Cat Month Dedicated to the plight of feral / community cats.

2/10/16 Sainsbury's Forestside Look at all the pet food received from customers donating to the Pet Food Bank at Sainsbury's Forestside last week. £181.87 worth of pet food was received. You are all so generous and this will help us provide support to pets whose owners are in difficult and support the feral cat community. Thank you!

1/10/16 October is 7th Heaven's Feral Cat Month If anyone is currently caring for ferals in Northern Ireland and needs 7th Heaven's help, please e-mail us:

1/10/16 ctober is 7th Heaven's Feral Cat Month 7th Heaven have designated October to be Feral Cat Month. Feral cats are frequently ignored, considered pests and treated very cruelly by some. 7th Heaven simply see them as felines that like living al fresco. During October, some of the cat food donated to us, will be used to feed Feral and Community cats. Any donations received specifically for them will be used to buy them food and shelter if needed. We fed 312 cats in 2015/16


25/9/16 The Official Bangor Seafront Cats update: Snugs in place and Thornton isn't long in claiming his ! Thanks to Dennis, Audrey, Anne & others for taking care of them so well!


25/2/15 More wee cats have been provided with shelters. 2 farm cats were left behind when the owner moved home and have now settled into their new abode. Another older feral is now curled up in their own new residence too.


1/2/15 We have provided Vicky with some food and a kennel to provide shelter to a family of cats she is taking care of. Well done Vicky for insulating this ready for them moving in and for continuing to care for them.


1/2/15 We've been busy out and about this week all over Northern Ireland delivering more shelters for Feral and Community Cats including 2 Snugs to a colony in North Belfast and 1 to Poyntzpass. Latest word is they are all using them


22/1/15 More cat kennels and food go to help Community Cats Thanks to Amanda who donated 2 plastic kennels a few nights ago, the community cats at a fold in North Belfast should have shelter in these very cold winter days & nights. There were about 8 cats being looked after lovingly by the local residents. We will monitor to see if they need more shelters and will continue to provide a supply of food. Well done everyone involved for caring for them!


Thank you to Amanda who donated 2 great plastic cat kennels for the Project Wildcat Scheme. You are so generous!

January 2015

Another kennel has been provided for this wee feral Mum. The kittens are still being worked with and it is hoped they can be found a home. Kimberley, her family and Jeanette have went to great lengths to help this wee mum. Kimberly says that providing the kennel has given peace of mind that she will have shelter, and they will continue to feed her and look out for her. Thank you from all of us!

January 2015

More Snug kennels have been provided for ferals in Randalstown and Ballyclare. It's been bad weather lately and hopefully they will have good shelter now. They will continue to be fed.


A big thank you to University of Ulster Library Staff for their donation to purchase a Snug for the next wee feral needing a safe, dry shelter This has been used to help provideshelter for a wee old feral in Ballygawley

December 2014

Kennels have been provided for larger colonies of cats to shelter together in Holywood, Whitewell and Lisburn. We also provided some food to help those caring for them

December 14

Here's an update of the wee feral cats in Newtownards we provided with some snug kennels and some food. We will be helping with the cost of neutering. Keep up the good work Debs in looking after them! You are doing an amazing job in caring and feeding them.

December 2014

Debs looks after the wee ferals


We delivered 2 bright pink Snug kennels and some food to these 4 wee ferals in West Belfast on Christmas Eve. We think they liked what Santa brought them. Thanks Siobhan for looking after them


We supplied £383.94 worth of food, donated as part of the Feral Cat Month event, to help feed the feral colony at Bangor seafront. We supplied a few more Snugs too to keep them cosy over the winter, that's a total of 8 provided to help them during the bad weather


This wee snug has gone to help an older feral in Ballygawley It has been sponsered by the University of Ulster, Library staff - a big thank you to them!!!


As part of Project Wildcat we provide kennels for the wee ferals cats to have shelter.We have now started to provide some snugs, bedding and food for the Bangor Seafront cats. October 2014 - Feral Cat Month 7th Heaven are please to be able to help the feral cats at Bangor Seafront. Some of the food donated throughout this month will go to help feed them. There are approximately 55 feral cats in the colony cared for by their dedicated volunteers


Another Snug has found it's way to Crawfordsburn yesterday, where another wee feral will have shelter. Thanks to Wendy and everyone who will continue to feed Buddy. It's great to see people who care and will help those in need.

October 2104

7th Heaven are pleased to be able to help Littlecat Jacq by providing a shed to help house eight semi ferals and two ferals. We hope this will keep them warm through the winter

Stormont Cats

Some of you might have heard about the 2 ladies being banned from feeding feral cats in Stormont grounds after 30 years of doing so. We know that the Belfast Telegraph and other have been championing for permission to allow them to return to feed.

7th Heaven also send requests direct to those involved offering support of shelter and ongoing supplies of pet food through our Project Wildcat scheme.We also highlighted the important where possible to leave them in the habitate that they are accustomed to, particularly if they have lived there for many years. Moving them at this late stage in their lives is likely to cause them trauma and it would not be likely that they would settle elsewhere.

We bare delighted to report that we have received good news about this situation from the Stormont Estate Manager, Estate Management Unit:

'Firstly, can I assure you that there is no intention of moving the cats from their current habitat. In relation to your offer to provide food/shelters for the cats you might wish to contact Edna and Carol directly, however, I understand the cats have been provided with appropriate shelter within the grounds of Stormont House. I would also like to reassure you that there is no intention to interrupt the feeding of the cats. Further, while the security of the Estate is paramount, there has never been consideration of any of the parties as posing a ‘security risk’; rather the issue is one of legitimate access to areas of the Stormont Estate. I have recently met with both Edna and Carol and trust that the matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned.'

We are delighted that everyone came together to resolve this matter and show compassion to animals in need in Northern Ireland. In particular it helped highlight the plight of feral cats here and how everyone involved kept the best interests of these cats in mind. There is more than enough animal abuse here.

While we don't have direct contact with Edna or Carol, if any one does, could you please pass our details to them & ask if they would want to contact us for ongoing support of pet food or shelter.

Kindly Belfast pensioner who feeds Stormont cats banned as security risk

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