We would like to thank everyone who has helped the charity in anyway. If you have made a donation, become a Friend of our charity, made a legacy gift to the animals through a will, or selling items on e-bay and donated the profits - these are all directly helping the animals we rescue. We appreciate all your support.


We would also like to thank all our volunteers, who dedicate their time fostering or helping with fundraising activities. Your work and help is much appreciated


We are also grateful to those who have helped us by donating food, bedding, animal toys, broken gold jewelry, items for resale and stamps. All these are very important in raising funds and reducing costs. All these are very important in raising funds and reducing costs.


We would like to thank the following organisations and businesses for their ongoing help and support:

Sainsbury's Forestside

Tesco, Ballygomartin

Pets at Home, Support Adoption for Pets & VIP Lifelines

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Most importantly we would like to thank everyone who gave one of our rescued animals a new loving home and those people who didn’t ignore a stray or injured animal in need but gave it food, shelter or contacted us.  

Thank Alison & John

Thank you for your kind donation of a snug. a wee feral will now have warmth & shelter

19/9/20 Pets at Home & VIP

Thank you to everyone who choses our charity on their VIP card when you buy at Pets at Home. The voucher for £158 has been used to buy all this pet food and scratch post. It has gone to help an amazing woman who traps and neuters wee ferals on her own. She's a wee Angel caring for all the wee ones that others want to ignore or worse.

13/9/20 Thank you Play for Strays

Thank you PlayforStrays for this generous supply of pet food on Sunday. We've already started to share it out through our Pet Food Bank & Project Wildcat schemes. Quite a few people will benefit from this, so thank you again for thinking of us.

14/7/20 Thank you Pets At Home VIP

Pets at Home's VIP sent us £480 worth of lifeline vouchers. They really threw us a lifeline especially during this crisis times and we have been able to purchase new scratch beds and litter for all in with us. There was enough left for us to also buy many bags of cat food to help feed ferals in our Project Wildcat Scheme. Thank you everyone who used your VIP card in-store and chose 7th Heaven as your charity to get us this brilliant help.

12/6/20 Thank you Tescos

Thank you to Angela and all at Tesco Ballygomartin store for still remembering our charity during this crisis time. They donated a £15 gift voucher and we have bought all this pet food to help cats in need. This is going to a feral community in Ballymena

14/6/20 Thank you Yvonne

Thank you to Yvonne who donated these 2 bags of food to help cats in need. Yvonne has been a long time supporter of our charity and we are grateful for all her help.

Thank you everyone at Mackle Pet Foods 24/4/20

We got a call out of the blue asking would we like some pet food to help people in the community. We we were amazed by the amount delivered by Mackle Pet Foods - a pallet of 200 cases of cat and dog food! The owner and staff of this leading pet food manufacturer took time out from making sure people got pet food supplies on the shelves in this crisis to also give back to the community. This generosity is very overwhelming and will help many pet owners and those caring for animals in the communit

College Street Cafe 16/8/19

We would like to thank all the staff and customers in College Street Cafe, Belfast. We have raised £34.20 through our collection box. You are so supportive and this will go towards extra yummy treats for all in our care. If anyone is looking for good quality food in Belfast we would definitely recommend here.

Thank you Pets at Home VIP Aug 19

We would love to thank Pets at Home VIP and their customers. To celebrate them reaching £10 million Iifelines they gave our charity £400 to spend in-store. Look at everything we have been able to buy! All the animals benefited. A new large rabbit hutch & run, new scratch posts, lots of wood pellet litter and lots of bags of cat food which has been given to those feeding feral cats.

Belfast Animal Rescue Fund 7/19

We would like to thank Belfast Animal Rescue Fund for their very generous donation of £2000. This will go a long way to helping animals we rescue and those we support. We would also want to pass on our condolences to the family of their supporter who donated this legacy

Thank you Tesco's Ballygomartin 22/6/19

More pet food has been purchased with the gift vouchers Tesco Ballygomartin gift donated. This helped us buy grain free dog food for the 2 dogs requiring special food in our pet food bank. Thank you Tesco and staff!

Thank you Tesco Ballygomartin 29/4/19

Tesco Ballygomartin had been amazing and gave our charity £250 vouchers. Look at the large amount of pet food we were able to buy with £50 voucher! This bought lots of puppy food which is just as well as we are supporting an owner through our Pet Food Bank whose dog had given birth to 9 puppies. We will be helping get them new homes when they are older and paying for the mum to get spayed.

Thank you Joanne 16/4/19

Thank you to Joanne who donated all this dry food and a huge box of cat pouches. These have been shared with several people feeding feral cats.

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22/10/20 Thank you Bear's Paw It Forward!

A very big thank you to Rose, Bear and Bonnie & Bear's Paw It Forward. They sent us this cat food worth £135. Their kindness & generosity will not be forgotten by all the feral, community & pet cats we support. It is wonderful help to them, and to us, especially in these crisis time when the animals are in need. Bear’s Paw It Forward is a charity, based in Cork, working tirelessly providing food & supplies to animal rescues/shelters/orgs supporting the homeless with pets across Ireland/ Northern

15/7/20 Thank you Holly!

We have just received this considerate amount of pet food from Holly. Holly has set up Clarke Canines and had chosen us as her chosen charity.She has been busy posting and providing lots of tips on how to help dogs get through this crisis too. Thank you Holly, we've shared all of this with dogs needing help in our pet food bank! Clarkes Canines - clarkescanines.com Facebook - Clarkes Canines / @hollyclarkescanines Instagram - clarkescanines_

12/7/20 Thank you Kathryn

Look at all the goodies that Kathryn donated to help the animals. This was amazingly generous and will be shared with both the animals in with us at the moment and those we support. Treats for all!

12/7/20 Thank you Erica & Yvonne

We are so lucky to have friends who help support us by donating pet food. This kind donation was provided Erica and Yvonne. They help wee rescues but have still went out of their way to help us too. This is all being shared with people feeding wee ferals and community cats throughout Northern Ireland. Thank you to these compassionate friends!

23/6/20 Thank you Margaret

We received a surprise message from a lady wanting to donate pet food. We were so surprised to receive all this to help those in need. Thank you Margaret!

11/6/20 Thank you again, Andy

My goodness! Look what was donated by Andy to help feed the animals in our care at the moment. He is so super kind.

31/5/20 Thank you Fay & John

A very big thank you to Fay and John for this amazing donation of cat food. People have been so generous at this time, but Fay and John have hekped the animals we support through thick and thin. They are amazing, compassionate people who care so much for the cats. This has all now been shared with cats in need through our Pet Food Bank and Project Wildcat schemes.

29/4/20 - Thank you Louise & Eamon

We would like to thank our friends Louise and Eamon for the kind donations of pet food to help animals in need. They love their pets too and given Dean and Peaches, rabbits a good home from us in the past.

Thank you - VIP Helpline 9/2/20

A very big thank you to everyone who donated their Pets at Home VIP lifelines to our charity. We have received a voucher for £65 and have bought a brilliant scratch post and lots of litter.

Thank you!

We would like to thank Holly Nadine McCoubrey for this amazing donation. Holly raised £186 through her annual country singing event on 18th Oct and chose to donate this to 7th Heaven animals. A very big thank you to Holly and everyone who supported her from all the animals who will benefit from all these goodies. And congratulations to a very talented lady!

Thank you Student Roost July 19

We would. like to thank everyone at Student ROot for donating all their duvets, pillows and sheets. All the long term residents are particularly enjoying them!

Thank You Pets At Home VIP - Summer Lifelines

Thank you so much Pets At Home VIP Team for the Summer Voucher of £67. This was used to buy cat food which will go towards feeding 30 feral cats. We would like to thank all the VIP members for swiping their VIP cards every time they shop to earn Lifelines for 7th Heaven’s animals and those we support

Thank you Thelma

Thelma donated 2 tickets for ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ on at the Lyric Theatre on 1/6/19 as she had been unable to use them. We offered them at a local shop & a lady took them as a surprise for her Mum. It was a very kind thing, thank you Thelma

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