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Our Canine Matchmaking Service


It is a sad fact that many people will, for various reasons, feel they have to give up caring for their dog. If they have no friends or family that are willing to take the animal, their main options are to give it to a council pound, or an animal charity, or to have the dog euthanized. Unfortunately, some council pounds now refuse to take in unwanted dogs and others charge to do so. This leaves the owner with the choice of finding a space in a sanctuary or putting the animal down. Unfortunately, most sanctuaries will be full with long waiting lists and some charities will prioritise dogs from council pounds leaving owners with the only remaining choice - euthanasia.


But even if you do find a space in a pound or sanctuary, how well will your dog cope with its new environment? Sadly, the answer is likely to be not very well at all. Despite how good a charity is, if dogs are kept in a kennel situation for any length of time they may very well start to develop behavioural problems such as aggression, depression or timidity due to boredom and lack of human interaction. This makes it even harder for them to get homed and the vicious circle continues.

For the above reasons, our charity is providing a new service called, ‘Made in Heaven, Matchmaking Service’. Our aim is to offer another alternative to people who feel they have to give up their dog but are worried about where it ends up. It means the current owners will have the final say as to where and to whom it is re-homed. The dog will be rehomed directly from the current owner to the new owner without the dog’s paws ever having to go near a pound or sanctuary.


7th Heaven will help people who want to have their dogs rehomed by advertising them, with photo and relevant details of the animal, on our website and various media platforms. There must be no charge for the dog, in line with our charity policy. We will pass people that are interested and may be suitable through to them. Both parties will then liaise with each other and if both are happy, they make suitable arrangements to have the dog rehomed. If either party is not happy, we continue to advertise the dog until it finds a home. We will help arrange microchip details to the new owner.This service will be completely free.

If you want your dog rehomed


Please supply us, via e-mail, with a good quality recent photo of the dog, its name, sex, age, breed, and any behavioural problems or medical conditions, if it has been neutered and its microchip number. We need to know if it gets on with other dogs, cats and children. Also we need to know if it is house-trained and if it has attacked at all.To give your dog the best chance of being rehomed, please give a brief description of its unique quirks and its favourite activities. The other information we need is your name, telephone number, the area in which you live and the reason you are rehoming them please.


We recommend that a home check is carried out before the dog is handed over. We will advise you or support you with this. Don’t rush into making a decision unless you are absolutely sure this is the right home for your dog. If you are not happy with any potential owner we put your way, just politely say so and we will continue to advertise.


If you get your dog homed, please let us know so we can take it off our website and update the various places we advertise. We will arrange for the microchip details to be transferred to the new owner, if required.

*Please note -

7th Heaven are advertising these animals based on the information given to us by their owner. We do not take any responsibility if this information is incorrect. We advise that you and the owner takes responsibility to follow current Government/ health & safety advice and will offer support and advice.

7th Heaven will not take responsibility for a dog that does not work out with its new owner. We will however, re-advertise it for you through our Matchmaking Service


As 7th Heaven disagrees with charging money for animals, we will only advertise dogs where they are free of charge. We will also be advertising the dog on various media sites like gumtree to get the most exposure possible. Only contact us with your details if you agree to these conditions. 

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The Stables cattery.jpg

The Stables Cattery, Aldergrove, Antrim

If you need your cat cared for a short period of time, perhaps you are ill & unable to care for them just at this moment, but want to keep them, then perhaps another option is to put them into a cattery.

This is an excellent cattery & we would highly recommend them. They may be able to offer a reduced rate if you are needing help in a critical situation.

BUT... you must make sure you are able to pay and you cannot leave the animal with them indefinately.

Contact: 07795 068925  More details are available on their facebook page

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