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   "Animals are not commodities to be bought and sold.



     They are beautiful creatures with beautiful souls."


COVID-19 UPDATE 28/6/20

We have now received confirmation the Animal Health & Welfare Policy Dept that we can restart our Charity's rescuing and rehoming activities provided other Government guidelines are considered. This is excellent news for us as it is important that we rehome the animals in our care. If you would be interested in offering any a home, they can all be viewed here.


We still need you to think before you offer any a home though. If you are still in lock down, how will you look after them and what would you do if they became ill? How will you support them if finances are uncertain? If you are due to return to work, how will you support them during this change? Animals can have separation anxiety problems especially after being together so closely with the owner.


At the moment we are full to take any more in until we can get some some homed, however until then we can also offer support through our 'Made in Heaven' Matchmaking Service, where we can help rehome free home to home, without the stress of the animal going into kennels. More details of this scheme can be found here.


We continue to deliver pet food through our Pet Food Bank & Project Wildcat schemes to people in need. Here' s a reminder of these services, in case you know anyone who may need help/ support:

Pet Food Bank: This scheme provides free pet food to domestic pet owners in financial distress enabling them to keep their pet during rough times and not give them up when they needed them most. We will endeavour to provide a supply of free pet food, for a limited period, to people in financial hardship and in Covid-19 difficulty.  


Project Wildcat: There are pockets of feral communities and community cats being fed by people throughout Northern Ireland. This unique scheme provides ongoing pet food support to help them feed them. We provide shelters to keep them warm, safe and protected, provided there is somewhere safe and someone to care for them. To discontinue care and feeding to which these cats have grown accustomed to would put them in grave danger.  NB. We do not trap, neuter and return, nor remove these cats.


NB. The supplies may be reduced at this time due to the increase in requests and will be dependent on funds available to cover. It is also not available to people who have got animals when already in financial difficulty or breeding, only to help them keep their pets during crisis times.

There are only a few of us out all these activities and more whilst still working full-time, so please bare with us!

7th Heaven's Feral Cat Month - October

7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust continue to highlight the plight of feral and community cats through our annual Feral Cat Month in October. Feral cats are frequently ignored, considered pests and treated very cruelly by some here. During October, some of the cat food donated to us, will be used to feed feral and community cats throughout Northern Ireland. Any donations received specifically for them will be used to buy them food and shelter if needed.


We normally feed over 100 cats each year through this event but this has significantly increased with the covid crisis. Although it has been crazy times for us since the Covid crisis, we still have not stopped helping the wee ferals and community cats. Our ongoing Project Wildcat Scheme provides waterproof shelters where possible, pet food and help with the cost of neutering. Since the end of April 20, we have provided food to feed almost 1000 cats.

If anyone is currently caring for ferals in Northern Ireland and needs this help, please contact us. 

We will continue to be advocates to highlight their plight.

Project Wildcat latest YouTube video

World Animal Day 4th October - What are you going to do today?

Today is World Animal Day

World Animal Day is held annually on the 4 October and is dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of animals throughout the world with the aim to make it a better place for them. It is a global event, which 7th Heaven, along with other charities, groups and individuals in various countries getting involved to highlight animal welfare issues that they feel most strongly about:

-To celebrate animal life in all its forms

- To celebrate humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom

- To acknowledge the diverse roles that animals play in our lives, from being our companions, supporting and helping us, to bringing a sense of wonder into our lives

- To acknowledge and be thankful for the way in which animals enrich our lives.

If you care about animals, don’t miss this special opportunity to help animals, whether it is to feed a stray animal, provide shelter until it's owner or a new home is found; to talk to others about the special bond animals have with us; to raise funds for your local animal charity, to raise awareness of World animal Day, to share stories or maybe take your dog an extra long special walk or snuggle your cat for a gloriously long time!

For more ideas on how to get involved visit World Animal Day – get involved Why not make a pledge & show you care! 

But please remember, although the event only lasts a day, animal suffering continues every day. That's why they need your understanding, kindness and help all year round. 

Global Feral Cat Day - Oct 16

7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust would like to take this opportunity to highlight the plight of these poor, unfortunate, unwanted, and for many, unloved animals. To everyone who helps them in any way, from feeding them, providing shelter, caring for them, neutering them - a big thank you on their behalf. Let's all take time out from our busy lives to think about them. try to place yourself in their paws on this day - how would you feel to be homeless, cold and don't know where your next morsel of food will come from? What if you are ill and can't fend for yourself?


Just take some time to reflect - are they really so bad for people to want to kill them, day in and day out? It's not their fault they are in this situation. Please take time to help them, stop cruelty and don't just turn the other way.


Please keep your cats in and keep them safe. 
7th Heaven has been concerned that there is a lot of abuse and cats going missing or being killed around Northern Ireland. Hopefully the police will find out the source of this. Read this link in the Belfast Telegraph for the latest update of cats going missing around Northern Ureland

Police called in after more than 70 cats go missing around Newry


7th Heaven would strongly urge everyone to keep their cat in at this time. We are already avocates to keep cats indoor due to the ongoing dangers animals face throughout Northern Ireland.


A safe cat does not have a sad owner!


Message from Pet Connection

30/10/17: A further 10 Missing Cats have been added today bringing the total to 230 cats reported missing to Pet Connection. 189 of these beloved pets have gone missing in 2017.

If your cat is missing, please fill in their information at Pet Connection, so they can add them to the map.

Please note: The map preview has not updated to show all the missing cats. Please click through to the map to see the extent of the problem.

Vaccine Warning 

Various newspapers have published a story linking the canine leptospirosis vaccine Nobivac L4 with fatal adverse reactions. 


n the article the Veterinary Medicines Directorate claims adverse reactions are rare but it is well known that reporting of vaccine adverse reactions are vastly under reported. This is due to the fact that some reactions do not happen immediately and also because a lot of vets simply will not admit that vaccines can be dangerous and therefore don’t associate them with the subsequent illness.


7th Heaven have been highlighting the dangers of vaccines for years and leptospirosis vaccine is one of the ones with the most side effects including seizures, anaphylactic shock, blindness, the actual illness itself and death. It also contains the preservative thimerosal which consists of mercury, a highly toxic substance which should never be allowed in the body.


In the article it states that the leptospirosis vaccine can give ‘immunity’ for up to a year. This, however, is totally untrue. At most it can give immunity for 2 weeks if at all


If your dog has suffered any adverse reaction after any vaccine please report it to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. NB you can also report any adverse reactions with Microchips to them too.

Read the story in:



Daily Mail


Natural News

Read the article by vet,

Patricia Jordan.

Report any adverse reactions

Veterinary Medicines Directorate

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