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   "Animals are not commodities to be bought and sold.



     They are beautiful creatures with beautiful souls."


Many people not know where to turn in crisis, whilst animals can be used as pawns.....Northern Ireland’s 24hr Domestic and Sexual Abuse Helpline is a free and confidential service that offers help and support female and male victims and survivors, worried friends and family members and professionals.


The Helpline is staffed 24 hours a day by fully trained operators and volunteers who are available to offer expert support and confidential, non-judgemental information. The team work alongside a range of community partners who provide specialist support services to those who have or are experiencing domestic and sexual abuse.


The Helpline, operated by specialist sexual trauma charity Nexus, is free to call on 0808 802 1414 and is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Support can be accessed by email or contact can be made through the live webchat function available via the website


You will be heard, you will be believed.



Please keep your cats in and keep them safe. 
7th Heaven has been concerned that there is a lot of abuse and cats going missing or being killed around Northern Ireland. Hopefully the police will find out the source of this. Read this link in the Belfast Telegraph for the latest update of cats going missing around Northern Ureland

Police called in after more than 70 cats go missing around Newry


7th Heaven would strongly urge everyone to keep their cat in at this time. We are already avocates to keep cats indoor due to the ongoing dangers animals face throughout Northern Ireland.


A safe cat does not have a sad owner!


Message from Pet Connection

30/10/17: A further 10 Missing Cats have been added today bringing the total to 230 cats reported missing to Pet Connection. 189 of these beloved pets have gone missing in 2017.

If your cat is missing, please fill in their information at Pet Connection, so they can add them to the map.

Please note: The map preview has not updated to show all the missing cats. Please click through to the map to see the extent of the problem.

Vaccine Warning 

Various newspapers have published a story linking the canine leptospirosis vaccine Nobivac L4 with fatal adverse reactions. 


n the article the Veterinary Medicines Directorate claims adverse reactions are rare but it is well known that reporting of vaccine adverse reactions are vastly under reported. This is due to the fact that some reactions do not happen immediately and also because a lot of vets simply will not admit that vaccines can be dangerous and therefore don’t associate them with the subsequent illness.


7th Heaven have been highlighting the dangers of vaccines for years and leptospirosis vaccine is one of the ones with the most side effects including seizures, anaphylactic shock, blindness, the actual illness itself and death. It also contains the preservative thimerosal which consists of mercury, a highly toxic substance which should never be allowed in the body.


In the article it states that the leptospirosis vaccine can give ‘immunity’ for up to a year. This, however, is totally untrue. At most it can give immunity for 2 weeks if at all


If your dog has suffered any adverse reaction after any vaccine please report it to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. NB you can also report any adverse reactions with Microchips to them too.

Read the story in:



Daily Mail


Natural News

Read the article by vet,

Patricia Jordan.

Report any adverse reactions

Veterinary Medicines Directorate

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